Education is the cornerstone of our planned empowerment initiatives at MDA. Our goal is to unlock the potential of every young person in Mukongoro, offering them the tools and knowledge needed for a promising future.

Although we are in the planning phase, our commitment to educating orphans and vulnerable children, providing vocational skills for the youth, and fostering a nurturing academic environment is unwavering.

We intend to construct permanent and safer buildings for tuition and equip the youth with practical tools to learn skills for example, carpentry, welding, electrical installation/solar, sewing and many others.

Explore our Education Page to gain insights into the transformative role education plays in breaking the cycle of poverty and equipping the youth with the skills for positive community impact.

As we work towards establishing our programmes, envision with us at Mukongoro Development Association where education is key to a brighter tomorrow. Together we can achieve this task.