In our vision for Mukongoro's future, health is a fundamental pillar of well-being. While we are in the planning stages, MDA is dedicated to fostering development that empowers local communities, leaders, and individuals to bring about positive change in hygiene, healthcare and the environment.

On our Health Page, discover the health initiatives we are planning, from providing clean and safe water through drilling of bore holes and maintaining spring wells.

Implementing sanitation projects by encouraging the community to dig pit latrines and garbage pits for household waste. Join us in shaping a healthier, happier Mukongoro community where access to healthcare is a fundamental right for all.

Together, we can build a community that thrives in well-being and resilience through training health support workers within and constructing a local health centre.

On the environment, our goal is to educate and encourage the community to plant trees, safeguard all existing ones as trees play a vital role in our environment and weather pattern for generations to follow.